About Us


Quick Summary

SERS stands for Scale, Early, Rapidly and Securely (SERS).

SERS is a global community that:

  • Produces, disseminates and evolves high-quality resources about scaling companies that entrepreneurs find useful
  • Provides experiential learning and volunteer opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students worldwide
  • Contributes to the TIM Review (timreview.ca), a journal to share articles on how to scale companies

Community Participants

Initially, the community will be comprised of:

• Technology entrepreneurs
• Academics
• Graduate and undergraduate students
• Alumni from TIM and TIM like programs that operate around the world

Later, community members will also include consultants and advisors, investors, economic development personnel, and others.


SERS Member Groups

Content Contributors
Produce and evolve written material.
Promote participation in the SERS community, represent and talk about the community in a positive way, and embody the purpose of the community.
Investigate topics in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.
Core Team
Orchestrates and administers the community.
To financially support the community.

SERS Outcomes

Models of what companies do to scale early, rapidly and securely.
Takeaways from lectures on scaling companies delivered worldwide.
Topics that occur in the inventory of takeaways, various collections of
articles on scaling, and collection of information on websites of
companies that scaled early and rapidly.
Educational Resources
Educational resources that are freely accessible, openly licensed text,
media, and other digital assets that are useful for teaching, learning,
and assessing as well as for research purposes.
Healthy community engaged in the production and use of educational
Course Assignments
Course assignments that can be used as experiential learning opportunities.
Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer opportunities to build and scale the SERS community.
Portfolio of projects that lead to undergraduate and graduate degrees.
Opportunities to publish articles on how to scale companies in the TIMReview.
TIM Review
Link the individuals and organizations that contribute to SERS with the
authors of the articles published by the TIM Review.