“Empower AI transformation and Advance AI for everyone”
Founded: 2014, Beijing,  China.

Category: Information Services and AI/Machine Learning Software

Primary office:Beijing, China

Core technical team:

Beijing, China

Status: Private

Employees: 501-1000

Amount raised:USD$375.3million(5 rounds – August 2020


  • 4Paradigm has a machine learning technology with predictive and data mining capability to help enterprises improve efficiency, reduce risks, and obtain greater commercial value.
  • The company maintains the world’s leading edge in the field of migration / transfer learning – deep learning and relational learning theory
  • Main offerings include precision marketing, sales forecasting, and content recommendation solutions, primarily used in the finance, healthcare and manufacturing sectors.
  • The “migration learning” initiated by the company is considered by the industry to be the next generation of artificial intelligence technology.


  • USD $1,770 million (2020)
  • 10,000 AI innovative application business cases in the fields of finance, energy, retail, manufacturing and healthcare (August 2020)


  • Ranked Number 1 in machine learning market share in IDC 2019 China Machine Learning MarketScape (August 2019)
  • Global 100 Top AI companies (CBInsights – February 2019)
  • China High Tech, High Growth Top 50 (Deloitte – 2018)
  • In March 2018, the company made a breakthrough in AI+ insurance, establishing itself as a global “financial + AI” benchmark
  • February 2019: New funding in November 2018 [brought the company to the list of only nine AI unicorns in the world in 2019]


  • 4Paradigm Sage EE(Prophet): an all-encompassing enterprise class AI core platform with five major components (listed below) that enables enterprises build scalable AI-driven applications from development to deployment:
    • 4Paradigm Sage AIOS: an enterprise AI operating system that provides a more convenient, easier to use enterprise-level operating environment tailored for applying AI as compared to PC operating systems
    • 4Paradigm Sage HyperCycle ML: a full-process decision-making AI application development tool that employs “learning circle” theory to build a “behavior-feedback-training-application” machine learning closed loop, to help enterprises scale and efficiency to create their own AI capabilities.
    • 4Paradigm Sage HyperCycle CV: Provides multiple intelligent image modelling/application scenarios, including image classification, object recognition, OCR, and is compatible with various image formats including jpg, png, bmp. This provides can provide enterprises with independent and controllable one-stop visual application construction capabilities.
    • 4Paradigm Sage Studio: is a Model Research and Development Tool involving Data-Model-Decision making iterations
    • 4Paradigm Sage Launch Pad: Online deployment platform from development environment to actual business scenarios.


  • CESS: A User Experience (UX) optimization and customer base growth optimization application
  •  4Paradigm’s ‘Sage’ Intelligent Risk Control Application Platform: An Intelligent decision-making and risk management Platform that can solve all kinds of fraudulent and credit risk problem, end- to-end.


  • Seminars, Industry shows
  • Customer Salons- offering business case scenario modelling with multi-level AI empowerment training support from elementary to advanced, from entry- to master level, and directed to the actual needs of the enterprise


  • Employs a combination of machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, complex networks and knowledge graph
  • Technology applications include model self-learning, data-free cleaning, complex model interpretation, and man-machine coordination.
  • Platform is scalable to cut across various industries including but not limited to finance, internet, medical, government, energy, retail, and media.
  • Ecosystem Partnerships include co-constructing a joint lab with Intel, cooperating with CETC on smart cities, working together with SPT Energy Group in the energy field, and with Terminus in the IoT field.

Distinct AI Features


  • Machine learning – Deep Neural Learning

  AI use

  • Deploys best-in-class AI solutions for enterprise management and value. 4Paradigm has been promoting the rapid and scalable industrial application of AI relying on technology and enterprise-level AI PaaS platforms including AutoML and transfer learning.
  • In-built high dimensional model algorithm, feature calculation engine and distributed machine learning for more precise, personalized analysis for improved task/resource management
  • Employs the use of machine learning end- to-end, from model building to application, with a 4-step process to quickly build enterprise-owned AI applications.
  • Deep learning Algorithm and deep computer vision modelling for Image detection and classification, text recognition and positioning, etc.

AI useRate of return on customer’s investment to make AI work


  • Cost savings due to minimizing / eliminating inefficiencies on multiple fronts at the enterprise level

Long term:

  • More innovative production, sustainability, agile supply chains, and efficient allocation of resources that result in higher corporate valuation and stronger competitive advantage


  • Corporate- and industry-level databases – balance sheet and income statements, accounting, production and logistics, customer and supplier accounts

Quantum Computing

  • No explicit mention of quantum computing.



  • Founder-led Management team with expert software engineers – CEO, Dai Wenyuan, ex-Baidu R&D engineers
  • Proprietary and high-dimensional algorithms that can significantly improve business results
  • Strategic Investors including Cisco and Lenovo
  • High real-time performance of products


  • Process for data integration and governance: Unified Access for Multi-Source Heterogeneous Data
  • Reduces manpower input in deployment with intelligence A/B testing, system performance and stability monitoring, scoring, early warning suggestions and full process data storage and governance.
  • Model training & expert technical support


  • Extend customer reach to all segments of the public and private sector
  • Set the benchmark for enterprise-level AI
  • Expand globally


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  • Radomir Todorov
  • Yinka Olanrewaju-Olawepo