“We can help, wherever you are.”

Founded:2015, Stockholm, Sweden

Category: Health

Primary office: Stockholm, Sweden

Core technical team: Stockholm, Sweden

Status: Private

Employees: 501-1000

Amount raised: $568.6 M (6 rounds – 2021)


  • A digital healthcare company that allows patients to consult healthcare professionals within minutes via a smartphone or tablet.
  • Enables patients to get access to high quality healthcare services at the patient’s own convenience.


  • Revenue: Not found
  • Valuation: $ 2 billion (2021)


  • First expansion beyond Europe – to the US as the pandemic create spike in demand (2020)
  • Acquired healthcare company Helsa on June, 2020.
  • Raised €140M that enabled company to expand in European market.
  • Acquired Hello Shim, a Sedish chatbot provider (2019)
  • Partnered with French health insurance startup Alan operating the new brand Livi (2018)
  • Expands to France under new brand, Livi (2018)

Market Offers

  • KRY offer 24/7 digital healthcare services by offering an opportunity to connect patients and healthcare providers. It enables healthcare providers to treat their patients remotely through fully encrypted video-conferencing
  • Livi Connect, a free video consultation platform (in the US)


  • User-friendly platform/ app on which users can connect with qualified healthcare professionals.
  • 21 physical healthcare centers in different regions
  • Market via social media sites, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Partnerships


  • Encrypted video conferencing that is safe, secure and convenient.
  • 24/7 digital healthcare services and medication prescription through the app.
  • Enables customers to order medications with home delivery via the app.
  • Improve world health through innovation- one patient at a time.



  • Strategic partnership with LloydsApotek, Unilabs, ABCLabsTM, Det mobile apoteket, SYNLAB etc.
  • 21 healthcare centers in different regions in Sweden
  • 400 coworkers and more than 1300 clinicians and operates in several European countries


  • Online & Mobile enabled platforms
  • Integration of telemedicine into product service to support remote activity.
  • Technology support for frequent updates to innovate and improve, and provide better use experience


  • Put the patients first by enabling access to high quality healthcare at patients own convenience
  • Fast forward the future of digital healthcare through continuous innovation
  • International expansion
  • Lead the field of digital healthcare.
  • Provide an integrated user experience