“Reinventing creativity through technology”

Founded: 2013, Jerusalem, Israel

Category: Application Software

Primary office: Jerusalem, Israel

Core technical team:

Jerusalem, Israel

Status: Private

Employees: 255

Amount raised:USD$ 205million (3 rounds – July 2019)


  • Develops advanced technologies to offer enhanced vision, graphics and image processing integrations for mobile devices.
  • Invests in technologies that provide proprietary algorithms and augmented reality components for photo and video editing
  • Started as a group project for SIGGRAPH and evolved into developing AI- powered video and photo editing mobile apps
  • Builds application for photo and video editing


  • Valuation: USD$1 Billion (2019)
  • Estimated Revenue: USD$10 million (2020)
  • 180 million downloads and 3 million paying subscribers


  • Developed two bestselling apps
  • Launch of new artistic photo editor app; QuickArt
  • Apple #Best of 2019 Trends of the Year
  • Google Play Best of 2019
  • Launch of App on integrated platform; Apple IoS


  • Monthly Subscriptions that allows users to filter and edit content
  • Enterprise Software for creating Video Ads for businesses
  • Multi-channel photo and video software


  • Mobile based – Product is on App Marketplace
  • Freemium based software, offer of free trial and then subscription based model
  • User friendly interface compatible with social media platforms and can be used for digital marketing
  • Integrator Partners; Apple integrates software into devices


  • Expert Design Community
  • High level of technical expertise in Artificial intelligence to apply different enhancement techniques to each element of the image for highly-contextual effects.
  • Product platform is available in 12 different languages

Distinct AI Features


  • Deep neural networks
  • Supervised learning

  AI use

  • The company is advancing neural networks by using facial recognition in addition to 3D modelling to apply filter effects on selected points of photo and videos consistently such that lightweight neural networks containing AI powered algorithms are proactive to provide seamless, quick and interactive user experience. Clients are able to fine-tune selfies by adjusting their proportions and manipulate lighting.

AI useRate of return on customer’s investment to make AI work

  • Immediate: Free trial, user friendly and multiple presets to use on software for easy adaptability by novices
  • Long term: Subscription based model, updates can be stressful for users


  • Large database of computer vision, computer graphics, and image processing activity logs

Quantum Computing

  • N/A



  • Technology Ecosystem; Partnership with technology companies like Instagram and Apple
  • Data; Market Surveys to monitor use and client activity on app
  • R&D on computational photography techniques


  • Product is available online and on mobile platforms
  • Multichannel interface


  • Increase customer base and profitability
  • Expand partnership networks
  • Strategic Acquisitions and grow company across borders


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  • Damilola Balogun