“Define smart life. Enhance human potential

Founded: January 1, 2015, China

Category: Artificial Intelligence

Primary office: Shanghai, China

Core technical team: Shanghai, China

Status: Private

Employees: 155

Amount raised:

USD$804.75 Million (in 6 rounds; last founding round on May 14, 2020)


  • Uses computing vision and data analytics to offer a diversity of product and services that meet the security and identify verification needs of smart finance, urban management, transportation, and retail in China.
  • Facial recognition terminals, facial scanning door entry and infrared binoculars scanning machines, a public security platform that collects and recognizes airline passengers and their ticket information, and a facial-recognition platform that connects to police departments
  • Advanced computer vision technology applied to surveillance
  • Founded in 2015 by Xi Zhou, a former professor at Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology
    • Incubated at the Chinese Academy of Sciences
    • In 2017, CloudWalk raised $379 million in Series B funding
    • In 2018, CloudWalk signed a deal to provide the Zimbabwe government with a mass facial recognition system, which will monitor all major transportation hubs, as well as create a national facial ID database
    • In 2020, CloudWalk became a major supplier of smart city projects in Guangzhou and Chongqing
    • In August 2020, CloudWalk introduced new solutions to transform the insurance industry in China
    • In July 2020, ClodWalk was selected to be a member of the National Information Technology Standardization Technical Committee Artificial Intelligence Subcommittee, the first National Standardization Organization for Artificial Intelligence
  • Company is known as one of China’s “Four AI Dragons” along with Megvii, SenseTime and Yitu


  • Company Value: USD$3.32 billion (May 2020)



  • The company’s core technology has won the international intelligent perception field laurels 13 times and 158 industry proof of concept championships in computer vision recognition, image recognition, and audio detection


  • AI ​​definition box: Embedded edge computing device that can carry multiple algorithm engines such as “people”, “cars”, “non” full targets, attribute detection, recognition, and behavior analysis at the same time to meet the needs of various business scenarios such as finance, security, commerce, communities, parks, industry, construction, education, medical care, and transportation.
  • Video face door control machine: Industrial-grade face recognition all-in-one machine for outdoor scenes or complex environments defined by strong backlight, low light, and dark light.  Meets the needs of operators who control access to communities, parks, hospitals, schools, commercial buildings, enterprises, government spaces, and underground parking lots.
  • Pangu Smart Face Camera: Miniature industrial-grade camera equipped with an 800W high-definition imaging unit that uses deep learning AI algorithms for face tracking, detection, capture, and recognition. It is a suitable for various industry scenarios such as finance, security, commerce, industry, education, community, and medical care.
  • Desktop equipment: Terminal equipment that can verify human identity using advanced face recognition algorithms, and infrared living body detection technology. It is suitable for all applications that require verification that a hum is who the human says he/she is.
  • Counter boarding machine: System that links an airport counter with algorithms in the cloud to ensure the accuracy of every passenger boarding at an airport. Suitable for airports, particularly those that are unmanned.
  • Xuanwu Wisdom Aviation Display: Smart navigation screen that integrates face recognition technology, voice recognition technology, identity recognition technology, and sensor technology to accurately identify services for airport passengers.
  • Cloud from Ruyi Pay PAD: Terminal with a screen that enables offline payments using face recognition technology. Payer can make payments without the need to carry bank cards or mobile phones. The payment system is suitable for scenarios such as shopping malls, smart banks, smart medical, park scenic spots, and rail transit.
  • 3D structured light series-algorithm front module: Hardware module that integrates 3D structured light technology, face detection and live detection algorithms, artificial intelligence chips, and security chips. Meets the needs of manufacturers of products that enable face payments, access control security, gesture recognition, body recognition, and high precision 3D modelling.
  • 3D structured light module WeChat payment version: Module embedded in smart phone enables users to pay via WeChat.
  • Infrared Binocular Series-Proxima Live Security Module: Module embedded in smart phone enables face and credit card recognition for payment purposes.
  • Authentication Login Series-Proxima Live Security Camera: Camera that uses AI to verify a person’s identity.
  • Double Recording Series-Proximity Double Recording Products: Trinocular module, dual microphone array, realize the front and rear dual-channel image synthesis for audio and video recording and live detection. Used to verify a person’s identity.Clients include major state-owned banks and central enterprises (e.g., ICBC and Agricultural Bank), airports and civil aviation enterprises (e.g., China Eastern Airlines and Guangzhou Baiyun Airport), and public security authorities in many provinces and cities in China


  • PartnershipsStrong ties with the Institute of Information Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, state-owned banks, venture funds with Chinese government backing, and city governments
  • FacilitiesSet up a facility in an AI industry park in Zhangjiang, displaying latest technologies and services including smart city projects.


  • AI/ML : Computer vision technology and data analytics
  • Glocal: Global technology applied to China and few African countries
  • Business model: Relies on Chinese government for business, funding, and R &D contracts

Distinct AI Features


  • No distinctive type of AI was stated


  AI use

  • Company uses computer vision technology and data analytics to provide surveillance and identify recognition services in various scenarios
  • Advances: Advances to field of computer vision.
  • Support service providers: Provides technical support.
  • Enable resource integration between service providers and beneficiaries: Integrates terminals to algorithms and databases in cloud environments controlled by police and Chinese authorities
  • Support beneficiaries’ well-being (e.g., end-customers): USA Government alleges that the company helped China execute a campaign of repression, mass arbitrary detention, forced labor and high-technology surveillance against Uighurs, ethnic Kazakhs, and other members of Muslim minority groups in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region (XUAR)

Rate of return on customer’s investment to make AI work


  • Increased surveillance

Long term:

  • Increased surveillance


  • Databases are owned by the customer or created by applying visual technology to a specific scenario

Quantum Computing

  • N/A



  • Human-machine collaboration open platform – industry AI expert, trusted intelligent decisions, convenient and natural human-machine interaction, independent, secured data
  • City building intelligent platform
  • Four technology breakthroughs, (1) multi modal data perception, (2) multidomain knowledge reasoning, (3) data securing sharing, and (4) man-machine communication
  • Strong ties with the Institute of Information Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, state-owned banks, venture funds with Chinese government backing, and city governments
  • Excellent work environment
  • Campus recruitment program


  • Solution and application co-development processes
  • Formulation of national and industry standards


  • Go public in 2020
  • Expand number and value of applications of computer vision and data analytics applications
  • Advocate the spirit of perseverance, pragmatism, and dare to ask questions, insist on doing one thing to achieve one thing, endure loneliness, hold on to the ordinary, use a warm heart to do warm things, and persevere in realizing a smart future with human-machine collaboration


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