“Breaches stop here”

Founded: 2012 Sunnyvale, USA

Category: Cybersecurity

Primary office: Sunnyvale, CA (USA)

Core technical team: Sunnyvale, CA (USA)

Status: Public (IPO June 2019)

Employees: 2300+

Amount raised: $1.1 billion  (9 rounds – August 2019)


  • SaaS-based endpoint protection platform providing malware detection, threat intelligence and incident response solutions



  • Valuation – $6.6 billion (IPO – 2019)
  • Revenue – $481 million (2019)



  • Successful IPO on June 2019 – $621 million
  • First cloud-native endpoint protection platform to stop breaches
  • Gartner 2019 magic quadrant for endpoint protection platforms
  • Forrester wave 2018 – endpoint security suite and endpoint detection and response (only solution named to both)
  • Offers used by 44 of 100 Fortune 100 companies, 37 of 100 top global companies, 9 of 20 major banks, 5 of the top 10 largest healthcare providers, and 7 of the top 10 largest energy institutions


  • Endpoint protection solutions
    • Falcon pro – replace legacy anti-virus with next generation anti virus integrated with threat intelligence and immediate response
    • Falcon enterprise – unified next generation anti virus and endpoint detection and response, managed threat hunting and integrated threat intelligence
    • Falcon premium – full endpoint protection with premium threat hunting and expanded visibility
    • Falcon complete – endpoint protection delivered as-a-service and backed by a Breach Prevention Warranty up to $1 million
  • Cloud security solutions
    • Falcon cloud workload protection – comprehensive breach protection for AWS, Google Cloud and Azure
    • Container security – enable and accelerate detection, investigation and threat hunting on containers
  • Falcon platform modules (single endpoint agent cloud based management console)
    • Endpoint security – Falcon prevent (next generation anti virus), Falcon insight (endpoint detection and response), Falcon device control (USB device control)
    • Threat intelligence – Falcon X (integrates threat intelligence into endpoint security for automated incident investigations and actionable insights), Falcon search engine (malware research), Falcon sandbox (automated malware analysis)
    • Security and IT operations – Falcon overwatch (managed threat hunting), Falcon discover (IT hygiene), Falcon spotlight (vulnerability assessment)
  • Falcon on govcloud
    • Cloud-delivered endpoint security, trusted to protect the US public sector
  • Falcon for data centers
    • Security physical, virtual or cloud-based data centers


  • Entrance level free products – through company website – e.g., qualifying organizations can gain full access to Falcon Prevent by starting a free trial
  • Portals (information sharing, developer, customer)
  • Managed security service providers (as partners)
  • Conferences and Trade shows (e.g., RSA conference)
  • Complementary partners (such as ServiceNow – a leading digital workflow company – CrowdStrike products available through ServiceNow app store)


  • Cloud native endpoint protection using artificial intelligence and unifies technologies, intelligence and expertise in one solution
  • Crowd sourcing data and cloud analytics
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Falcon platform – cloud-delivered endpoint protection
  • Overwatch team – 24/7 proactive threat hunting
  • Falcon complete team – managed detection and response
  • Worldwide Alliances, Channels and Business Development



  • Acquired Payload Security (2017) – automated malware analysis
  • Falcon platform and associated modules – native cloud deployment
  • Offerings include leading cloud providers – AWS, Azure and Google Cloud
  • Overwatch team for 24/7 proactive threat hunting
  • Tiered products and services
  • CrowdStrike app store (which includes partner offerings)


  • Expertise on-call for clients
  • Fully managed detection and response
  • Scalable/flexible offerings to reflect growth/contraction of clients
  • Intelligence reports
  • Simple onboarding process
  • High degree of automation
  • Seamless onboarding experience for partners and development of APIs


  • Simplicity of products for clients
  • Lightweight/small installation/footprint
  • Extend protection across public cloud workloads (extending from endpoints)
  • Integration with partner workflows (e.g., ServiceNow)
  • Support for technology alliance partners and others
  • Development of a “holistic ecosystem” of leading tools and applications that enable partners and customers to better deploy security stacks

Assertions That Best Describe What the Company Did to Scale Early, Rapidly & Securely

  1. Develop and sell products that address a problem, job to be done or a need that is widespread, growing, important, urgent, and manifests itself in diverse ways
  2. Use scientific and technological advances to develop innovative offers
  3. To defend against automated cybersecurity campaigns, apply automated detection, response and remediation
  4. Combine company resources with those of other resource owners to create value that cannot be created by your company alone
  5. Maintain close relationships with resource owners that advance the core technology underpinning the most important assets of the company
  6. Orchestrate a community comprised of the owners of the resources required to scale
  7. Strengthen cybersecurity attributes of offers compared to competitors
  8. Apply processes that continuously improve the cybersecurity of the company as well as its offers, channels and resources
  9. Operate a platform that is simple to use, attracts a very large market, and enables the company to control the quality of the offers traded on the platform
  10. Simplify the complementarity of the company product and services
  11. Apply digital technology to brand, market, sell and service customers more cost effectively than competitors
  12. Enhance cybersecurity automation by using big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence