Horizon Robotics


“AI on horizon, journey together”

Founded: 2015, Beijing, China

Category: Artificial Intelligence

Primary office:Beijing, China

Core technical team: Beijing, China

Status: Private

Employees: 300 est. (2020)

Amount raised:USD$700.3 million (Series B, 2019)


  • Mission – establish the leading “edge AI platform” to make human life safer and better
  • Vision – Leader of the edge AI platform space
  • Powerful AI edge computing capabilities with primary focus on autonomous driving and cockpit experience
  • Competencies in artificial intelligence, deep learning, AI processors, embedded AI and AI Internet of Things (AIoT)


  • Valuation: USD$3 billion (2019)
  • Revenue: USD$15 million est. (2019)


  • Matrix platform named CES 2018 innovation awards honoree (2018)
  • Only Chinese AI processor company on CB Insights AI 100 (2019)
  • Matrix receives best automotive solution award (2019)
  • Significant investments from major processor companies and automobile manufacturers (up to 2019)


  • Journey 2 (Automotive AI processor series) – AI processor for the automotive industry – when paired with Horizon optimized perception algorithms achieve high deep learning (brain processing units) core utilization. (Autonomous driving and intelligent cockpit experiences
  • Sunrise 2 (AIoT AI processor series) – Powerful processor in AIoT space – supports visual recognition, data processing and video structuring and applicable to a wide-range of AIoT scenarios. Works well as an edge computing device
  • Matrix – autonomous driving computing platform – low power, high-performance system suitable for all levels of autonomous driving; incorporates Journey 2 processor to run optimized deep learning perception algorithms
  • Nebula – intelligent vehicle active safety solution – full stack AI solution that includes advanced driver assistance system, driver monitoring system, facial recognition, intelligent speech front-end, etc.
  • Smart mobility – Horizon AI processing platform – high performance at low power for Tier 1s, OEMs and AV startups for autonomous driving and intelligent cockpit.
  • AIoT Vision – combined with powerful edge AI computing capability is a complete visual perception system and data analysis system.
  • AIoT Speech – Speech technologies can be customized for portable devices, home applications, in-vehicle applications, etc.


  • Provides integrated and open embedded Artificial Intelligence solutions
  • Strategic partnerships such as with (i) Gosuncn Technology Group for join T&D advancing the development and marketing of the advanced driver assistance system, the driver behavior monitoring system, cockpit, etc. Is to have a global partner of artificial intelligence and will jointly work on technology research, product development and marketing of Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), Driver Behavior Monitoring System (DMS), AI cockpit, automatic drive techniques, etc.; and  (ii) Freetech, a leading Asian Tier 1, to accelerate the development and mass production of the advanced driver assistance system for the Chinese market.
  • Involvement in conferences and co-founding of AI R&D lab
  • Agreements with Tier 1s, OEMs and AV Start-ups to create unique autonomous driving and intelligent cockpit experiences Autonomous
  • Availability of open tool chain to define workflow and ease model training, optimization and deployment at the edge.


  • AI chip manufacturing
  • Autonomous vehicles, computer vision, edge computing
  • AI technology stack

Distinct AI Features


  • Computer vision, deep learning, embedded artificial intelligence, AI processors

  AI use

  • Co-established the Nanjing Institute of Advanced Artificial Intelligence (R&D)
  • Insertion of chips/software into Tier 1, OEM and AV Start-up in support of autonomous driving and intelligent cockpit experiences Autonomous

Rate of Return on Investment

Immediate term:

  • Advances in autonomous driving and intelligent cockpit, with potential integration in Leve 1+ autonomous driving

Long term:

  • Move towards Level 4 autonomous driving, with full integration into automotive manufactures products

Quantum Computing

  • No explicit mention of quantum computing in Horizon Robotics collateral. Generically, quantum computing is expected to enable artificial intelligence by, for example, handling huge amounts of data, building better models and more accurate algorithms, and using multiple datasets (integrating datasets more quickly



  • AI industry and processor industry experts and veterans
  • Brain Processing Unit ™ – innovative AI computing architecture focused on edge AI applications
  • Large collection of investors (including US and Chinese investors)
  • Substantial investment/partnerships with key processor and automobile companies (Tier 1s)


  • Developing algorithms and processors that can be embedded in Tier 1, etc., automotive and other IoT products and services
  • Learn from ongoing AI R&D, especially from Nanjing Institute of Advanced Artificial Intelligence and other partners


  • Continue to hire top talent
  • Furtherance of technology development – R&D
  • Expand sales and marketing
  • By 2025, to be number 1 on deployed autonomous vehicles chips (30 million vehicles)