“The world is beyond what you see”

Founded: Aug. 2014 in Shenzhen, China

Category: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Database

Primary office: Shenzhen, China

Core technical team: Shenzhen, China

Status: Private



Amount raised:

$175 million (5 rounds – Apr7, 2020)


  • A leading provider of end-to-end full-stack solution which covers chips, algorithm, data, application, and services
  • Committed to structuring the physical world through AI technology and to create a digital twin city
  • Relies on a first-class international expert team and a full stack AI technology platform to create products and solutions for public safety, social governance, new business, AIoT (AI + Internet of Things) and other fields



  • Estimated value: USD $3 billion
  • Annual revenue: USD $15+ million (2018)
  • Locations: over 100 large and medium-sized cities worldwide



  • Selected as the “Key Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurship” team of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council (2015)
  • Most Commercial Value Enterprise Award (2017)
  • Top 100 Most Influential Innovators in China’s Intellectual Property Field (2018)
  • China Artificial Intelligence Society “Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Technology Progress Award” (2018)
  • China Unicorn Enterprises (2018)
  • Top 30 security AI innovation companies (2018)
  • Top 20 Retail Digital Service Providers (2019)
  • Technology has been widely used in more than 100 cities and regions including Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Chengdu, Dongguan and Southeast Asia


  • Public safety
    • Deep eye – police portrait integrated platform and full video structured platform that achieves efficient retrieval, precise recognition, large-scale deployment, time-space analysis, multi-target recognition and cross-border tracking of massive portraits, which are widely used in various business scenarios such as smart policing, social governance, and industry supervision
    • Sky map – urban community relationship analysis system which relies on portrait archives and graph analysis technology to build urban population archives, excavate personnel relationships, and assist in refined urban governance
    • Deep sea – multi-dimensional big data analysis platform which integrates the massive multi-dimensional data of the city, analyzes the law of city operation, builds the city’s AI brain, and helps the construction of modern digital city
  • New business – provides services including data collection, portrait analysis, user profile, big data analysis and data operation through intelligent terminal; general Paas (Platform as a Service) and scene Saas (Software as a Service) for various business scenarios such as business parks and smart campuses
  • Smart supercomputing – one-stop AI empowerment platform that achieves the rapid production of algorithm models, formulates AI R&D standards, creates a standardized AI R&D delivery system, transforms AI from professional applications to general applications
  • Smart hardware – includes smart AI camera, portable individual deployment control system, engine service equipment, AI interactive screen and face access control equipment
  • C²aaS (Chip x Cloud-as-a-Service) – edge computing SoC (System on a Chip) AIoT (AI + Internet of Things) chip called DeepEye1000 issued by Intellifusion for free ([6])


  • Strategic partnerships with Shenzhen Telecom, AOC (‎Admiral Overseas Corporation), Gosuncn technology group Co., Ltd., HUADA Semiconductor Co., Ltd., Cotron Cloud and China Greatwall Technology Group Co., Ltd. to provide 5G+AI services, build AI ecosystem, and carry out cooperation in various fields such as public safety


  • Industry-leading level of face recognition technology, AI technology, big data analysis, chips, cloud computing and other technologies
  • Continuous product and solution innovation – R&D expenses which account for more than 70% of operating income
  • AI epidemic solution widely applied in a number of cities in China at government facilities, hospitals, hotels, transportation hubs and industrial facilities



  • Chairman and CEO Dr. Ning Chen – the designer of China’s first commercial vector processing chip who has nearly 30 authorized international patents, published more than 20 international books and papers, and served as a member of 7 IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) International Conference Technical Committees
  • Chief scientist Dr. Xiaoyu Wang who has led the team to win 4 top international vision competition championships, owning over 20 invention patents in the fields of face analysis, image search, target detection, unmanned vehicles, neural network deep learning, etc., and published more than 30 international top journal conference papers
  • Leading AI technologies, big data analysis, face recognition technology, chips, cloud computing and other technologies
  • Self-owned Algorithm platform Arctern, Chip platform Moss and Big data platform Matrix
  • AI Empowerment Platform AI OS jointly released with the National Supercomputing Shenzhen Center, providing full-process, one-stop management of algorithm research and development systems to promote algorithms in various industries
  • AI epidemic prevention and control system which includes face recognition temperature measurement panel machine and other products applied to scenes like state agencies, hospitals, communities, parks, isolation settlements and transportation hubs to facilitate technology epidemic fight during COVID-19


  • Build AI ecosystem and expand business through strategic partnerships with high-tech enterprises
  • Cooperate with government institutions to promote public safety products
  • Launch AI Empowerment Platform AI OS as an algorithm factory for users to create the corresponding product (algorithm), and implement the application
  • Keep improving independent R&D capabilities and integrate the technologies with actual industry application scenarios to increase penetration rate in various industries


  • Massive application (million pieces) of chips to end devices to facilitate differentiation strategy
  • Vision: realize the combination of AI, chips and AI OS platform to digitize and informatize offline physical scenes and build a twin data city
  • Focus on the fields of public security, smart business, and chips

Assertions That Best Describe What the Company Did to Scale Early, Rapidly & Securely

  1. Use artificial intelligence to turn vast amounts of data and information into high value for customers, investors, users, and other stakeholders
  2. Apply big data analytics to produce insightful information about users, suppliers and customers to enhance shopping pattern analysis, improve customers experience, predict market trends, provide more secure online payment solutions, increase personalization, optimize and automate pricing, and provide dynamic customer service
  3. Apply big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate predictive analytics and enhance automation
  4. Establish partnerships that increase the demand for products that complement the company’s product
  5. Use scientific and technological advances to develop innovative offers
  6. Identify specific situations in which digital analytics can potentially be used and apply them to change the culture and accelerate digital analytics adoption
  7. Perpetuate a company scaling culture that includes high growth ambitions, delivering new benefits to customers, embedding in communities led by fast growth companies, keeping the company and its partners secure from cyberattacks, attracting investment, exceeding high standards, continuous improvement, experimentation, iteration, learning, and short feedback loops
  8. Work with partners that are well connected and respected in the networks of importance to the success of the company
  9. Increase the company’s value by continuously seeking and receiving funding to support the company’s plan to scale and improve its image in the marketplace


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  • Nan Yang