Komodo Health


“We breathe life into data.”

Founded:2014, San Francisco, California, USA

Category: Health

Primary office: San Francisco, California, USA

Core technical team: San Francisco, California, USA

Status: Private

Employees: 251-500

Amount raised: $314 million (6 rounds – 2021)


  • Transforms healthcare data into meaningful insights that help to solve healthcare related problems.
  • Use Healthcare Map as the foundation to offer a suite of powerful software applications that enable exceptional value to users to better understand disease burden, predict disease and optimize patient outcomes:
    • Discover key influencers based on real-world case volume
    • Quantify the ipct of scientific engagement
    • Mine contextual insights from complete patient journeys
    • Find patients with complicated or rare conditions
    • Calculate RX-based ROI for digital marketing
    • Improve the certainty of pre-launched plans
    • Enhance data and accelerate innovation
    • Increase win rates and contract value


  • Revenue: Not available
  • Valuation: $ 3.3 billion (2021)


  • Acquired Breakaway Partners to improve patient access to effective therapies (July 2021)
  • Acquired Mavens to create healthcare enterprise platform (Jan 2021)
  • Established a strategic partnership with Klick Health Inks to leverage Healthcare MapTM a data and analytics platform (April 2021)
  • Raised $220 million in Series E funding(2021)
  • Awarded as “2020 North American Company of the Year” for RWE(real-world-evidence) Solutions by Frost &Sullivan
  • Named to Forbes 20 Rising Stars (2019)
  • First Patient Advocacy Partnership (2018)
  • Combined comprehensive data to build the largest and most complete healthcare map:
    • 15M healthcare encounters a day, 6year average historical patient journey data
    • 5M+ providers, 450K Health Care Offices (HCO) across the continuum of care
    • 100% medicare data qualified entity
    • 15-20 years of publication and clinical trial data, 11B lab records
    • 1300 hospital charge master and in-hospital sources, 325M+ patients in the US
    • 150+ player-complete datasets
    • 30% more unique patients, 40% more clinical encounters per patient

Market Offers

  • Develops computer software’s that bring market
  • Aperture: a solution that enables Medical Affairs to quickly find the centers of influence for a specific condition (e.g. an ultra- rare genetic disorder) by infusing global biometric reporting with other related analytics
  • Iris: a solution that integrates prescription, lab, payer, and patient-level data to give its customers insights that can help them to optimize their commercial strategy and identify key decision makers that are essential for therapy adoption
  • Prism: Software application that enables organizations to use Komodo’s Healthcare Map TM and create patient cohorts to uncover market insights and to visualize data.
  • Pulse: A solution that delivers alerts on clinical activities at optimal phases of engagement with health care providers
  • Sentinel: A virtual sandbox that enables customers to integrate their proprietary data sets, tools and algorithms and unlock unique and strategic insights that are critical for their business


  • Health platform and suite of applications
  • Market via social media sites, including Twitter and Linkedin.
  • Partnerships – making Klick, the premier life science marketing agency to leverage Komodo’s Healthcare Map™
  • Acquisitions – combine Breakaway Partners’ industry leading formulary data, policy criteria, and analytics platform to create real-time enterprise market access solution suite


  • Track’s patients-encounters, combines with historical data and clinical expertise to provide healthcare mapping of the U.S. healthcare system.
  • Komodo’s Healthcare map enables biopharma companies to discover patient populations that can benefit from their therapy.
  • Uses internet, and healthcare big data and artificial intelligence to learn how customers flow through healthcare system and uses the insights to predict patient’s behavior and provide evidence analysis on how the healthcare system can be improved.
  • Offers differentiated insights on complex therapeutic areas that may have variable impacts on population subsets.



  • Komodo’s Healthcare Map™ helps to extend research on innovative therapies and enables patients to get an increased care quality with less costs.
  • Strategic acquisition of Mavens to create healthcare enterprise platform
  • Strategic partnerships with PicnicHealth to support evidence research programs for complex illnesses like multiple sclerosis.
  • Enterprise partnership with Syneos Health to enable innovative common data foundation by combining Komodo Health’s Prism and Senteniel solutions.
  • Clinical encounters of 325 million patients who go through the healthcare system that enable better predict patients behaviors.


  • Precise data signals through smart alerts
  • Data analytics driven decisions for better informed delivery of innovative products and services


  • Continue to invest in information technology, artificial intelligence research and development.
  • Focus on outcome and reward outperformance.
  • Build innovative solutions that create exceptional value.
  • Mission: Reduce the burden of disease