“Technology that simplifies your delivery experience.”

Founded: 2013, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Category: Supply chain, logistics, & delivery

Primary office: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Core technical team: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Status: Private

Employees: 1001-5000

Amount raised: $507 million (8 rounds – 2021)


  • A delivery company that uses technology to link its customers to a network of couriers.
  • Supporting new commerce for Brazil’s large, young, urban population
  • Collects small and large e-commerces, transfers them to the destination cities, and delivers them to the final consumers


  • Revenue: 100-500 million
  • Valuation: $ 2 billion (2021)


  • Operates in more than 33 cities in Brazil
  • Acquired the WorldSense company on October 10, 2018
  • Raised USD 212 million in series F round (2021)
  • Increased the number of software engineers from 40 to 200 within one year (2019)
  • Brazil’s eighth unicorn startup (2019)

Market Offers

  • For individual customers
    • Delivery services: Finds nearby drivers to accept your order and deliver anything that you need
  • For businesses clients
    • Courier services
    • Food delivery
    • E-commerce


  • User-friendly online and mobile Apps (IOS & Android)
  • Market via social media sites, including: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube
  • Deliverymen – registered under microentrepreneurs
  • Light – optimizing the delivery by associating with companies specialized in local delivery


  • Uses technology to reinvent logistics with a fast, cost-efficient, and reliable network across e-commerce, wholesale food delivery, and courier services. (futuristic logistics network through mobile, AI, and automation)
  • Unlocking the growth of the on-demand economy, supporting new commerce for Brazil’s large, young, urban population.
  • Real-time delivery tracking that enables shipper and recipient to track the progress of delivery



  • 1,000 couriers serving 10,000 companies.
  • Partnership with companies from multiple industries that have incorporated the Loggi app into their websites
  • App that makes it easy to place orders  for on-demand delivery within the timeframe that is established by the consumer
  • Advanced technology that calculates the delivery cost along with delivery route automatically within seconds
  • Automated payment system
  • Partnership with big fast-food restaurants including Burger King, McDonald’s Corporation
  • Partnership with big e-commerce companies such as Mercadol Libre Incorporated, and the French retailer Carrefour SA.


  • Online & Mobile enabled services
  • Helps to corporate offices, restaurants, e-commerce or individuals to find nearby drivers to accept their order
  • Technology support for frequent updates to innovate and improve, and provide better service
  • Hassle-free shipping routine- speed, packaging, optimized and cost effective


  • Making technology the core of the logistics network
  • Reach the milestone of 5 million deliveries per day for the next 5 years.
  • Further improve the service level and keep hiring
  • Expand its network with new logistic centers
  • Announced an ambitious plan of building a team of 1000 software engineers by the end of 2021.