“Prevent malware; Prevent breaches; Prevent Incidents; Prevent Ransomware;  Prevent data loss”

Founded: 2012 California, USA

Category: Cybersecurity

Primary office: Mountain View, CA (USA)

Core technical team: Mountain View, CA (USA)

Status: Private

Employees: 500

Amount raised: $429.5 million  (7 rounds – February 2020)


  • Provides endpoint protection software designed to protect devices and servers against malware and threats
  • Defends against advanced persistent cyber threats by unifying the detection, prevention and remediation of threats initiated by nation-states and organized crime
  • Uses autonomous artificial intelligence



  • Valuation – $1.1 billion (2020)
  • Revenue – Not published



  • 4,000 customers with revenues doubling per year, including 3 of the Fortune 10 and hundreds of the Global 2,000 enterprises
  • Seventh fastest growing company in North America (Deloitte 2019 Technology Fast 500)
  • Growth of 10,275% from 2015 to 2018


  • SentinelOne Singularity Platform
  • SentinelOne Vigilance – managed detection and response service
  • Tiered service levels: standard, enterprise, and enterprise + TAM (account manager)
  • Kickstart package (assistance with initial deployment)
  • End-to-end deployment (cloud and on premise)


  • Partners such as SonicWall, SolarWinds, Continuum (acquired by ConnectWise) and Pax8
  • Conferences (e.g., RSA)
  • Free COVID-19 SentinelOne offers (SentinelOne CORE) through company website
  • Partnership program (integrators, strategic technology providers, consultants)
  • Sales partners


  • Cybersecurity – endpoint protection, detection, response and remediation
  • Autonomous artificial intelligence
  • Cloud scalability



  • SentinelOne Singularity Platform – prevent, detect, and undo – known and unknown – threats
  • Static artificial intelligence engine provides pre-execution protection (no need for recurrent signature scans)
  • Behavioural artificial intelligence engines track all processes, and interrelationships. Response to malicious behaviour is real time/automatic
  • Automated endpoint detection and response provides forensic data allowing for the mitigation of threats automatically, isolate, and auto-immunize endpoints against new threats
  • Single holistic agent that is lightweight and high performance – autonomous and real-time
  • Highly trained cybersecurity personnel (SentinelOne Vigilance – accelerated time to protection, forensics and threat hunting, and augment your security team)


  • Embeds Artificial Intelligence in every endpoint in a company’s network – including phones, laptops and connected Internet of Things devices
  • Differentiates from cloud based services in that their artificial intelligence techniques continually look for unusual behaviour based on historic use patters to detect threats
  • Meets various industry standards (such as HIPAA and PCI-DSS)
  • Product can serve as a platform or as an integrator – as of writing, has 15 integrations including Splunk and Fortinet.
  • Scalable cloud and on-premiss management, offline support and robust API
  • Ransomware warranty


  • Continually improving artificial intelligence to help companies automate and strengthen their defences
  • Hiring for development, marketing and sales
  • Innovation driven – reimagining cybersecurity for the threats of tomorrow using behaviour and artificial intelligence. Focus on architecture, infrastructure and usability

Assertions That Best Describe What the Company Did to Scale Early, Rapidly & Securely

  1. Develop and sell products that address a problem, job to be done or a need that is widespread, growing, important, urgent, and manifests itself in diverse ways
  2. Use scientific and technological advances to develop innovative offers
  3. To defend against automated cybersecurity campaigns, apply automated detection, response and remediation
  4. Combine company resources with those of other resource owners to create value that cannot be created by your company alone
  5. Maintain close relationships with resource owners that advance the core technology underpinning the most important assets of the company
  6. Orchestrate a community comprised of the owners of the resources required to scale
  7. Strengthen cybersecurity attributes of offers compared to competitors
  8. Apply processes that continuously improve the cybersecurity of the company as well as its offers, channels and resources
  9. Operate a platform that is simple to use, attracts a very large market, and enables the company to control the quality of the offers traded on the platform
  10. Simplify the complementarity of the company product and services
  11. Apply digital technology to brand, market, sell and service customers more cost effectively than competitors
  12. Enhance cybersecurity automation by using big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence