Cross-border for Local Value

The platform that enables a global network of participants to co-create cross-border businesses.

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This 12-week program is for you, if you:

  • Wish to design and operate profitable cross-border businesses.
  • Are willing and able to learn a new way of thinking about cross-border businesses.
  • Value the benefits that cross-border businesses can create in your local community.
  • Will work hard to complete every group and individual assignment and will attend every lecture and event.


Welcome to the Cross-border for Local value (CBLV) program!

The 12-week CBLV program offers five paths concurrently for achieving a certificate of completion.

  1. Enterprises – For employees of small and medium sized companies that wish to expand operations across borders.
  2. Entrepreneurs – For entrepreneurs who wish to define and exploit cross-border opportunities.
  3. New grads or students – For individuals who graduated after June 30, 2018, graduate students, or final year undergraduate students who wish to learn about cross-border businesses.
  4. Academics – For individuals who wish to publish research papers or develop courses in cross-border businesses.

              Each participant,

              • Produces a report and a slide deck of a plan that can be executed and has received multiple rounds of feedback.
              • Connects with potential partners and try out working relationships.
              • Builds on the talent, knowledge, and experiences of participants in a global network.
              • Increases the size, diversity, and scope of personal network.
              • Gains a clearer understanding of what is required to scale across borders.
              • Improves personal performance.
              • Accesses a unique combination of practitioners and academics.
              • Is empowered by a global network to be successful in post COVID initiatives.
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                        Each participant must speak English fluently and meet at least one of the following requirements:

                        • Have a bachelor’s degree in engineering, business, or science.
                        • Have at least five years’ experience operating a business.
                        • Be registered in the final year of a program that awards a bachelor’s degree in engineering, business, or science.

                        Instructions to enroll in program

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                        The SERS community partners with organizations worldwide to deliver the Cross-border for Local Value program.

                        Partners include universities, business associations, accelerators and incubators for new businesses, digital platforms for exporters, companies, and municipalities.

                        If interested in partnering with SERS to deliver the Cross-border for Local Value program, please contact:

                        Tony Bailetti:
                        Eduardo Bailetti:
                        Daniel Craigen:

                        Partners collaborate to:

                        1. Develop, promote, deliver, and evolve the Cross-border for Local Value program.
                        2. Recruit participants.
                        3. Identify other opportunities to collaborate.


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