Cross-border for Local Value

The platform that enables a global network of participants to co-create cross-border projects.

Program Launched July 14th!

There are three ways to get involved:

  1. Add value to the current program as a speaker, reviewer, or by attending one of the three public events,
  2. Become a partner for the next cohort in early 2022,
  3. Propose a project to create value that we can collaborate on. We have lots of talent, a distinct set of competencies, and a large global community. Let us know your view on how we can help each other.

CBLV Program’s Distinctiveness

1. Project-based learning
– Participants actively engage in real-world and personally meaningful cross-border projects.
– Participants study the design, building and growth of cross-border businesses; compare cross-border businesses that have scaled in value early and rapidly; and work in teams to define new cross-border business and build the network to do so.

2. Practical
– Builds on theory-built interventions known to work, not on how theory was built or tested.

3. Creates knowledge
– Creates knowledge that a businessperson can’t gain just by experience.

4. Improves business people’s understanding of how their own businesses operate
– If you wish to understand how a business operates, try to change it.

5. Enables businesses to carry out the experimentation required to increase revenue by doing something new
– Project experiments are carried out in a virtual lab worldwide.

6. Accelerates learning effectiveness
– Learning is a lot more effective when active rather than passive.

For Participants

Log in to the learning management system and view the program calendar.

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SERS Partners

The Global SERS Community partners with organisations worldwide to deliver the Cross-border for Local Value program.

The members of the global network of SERS partners are represented by the logos below. There are 45 partners representing 14 countries. These partners have helped attract hundreds of participants from 34 different countries.

Partners collaborate to:

  1. Develop, promote, deliver, and evolve the Cross-border for Local Value program.
  2. Recruit participants.
  3. Identify other opportunities to collaborate.


SERS Partners

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