Scale Assertions



We introduce a set of assertions that describe what a company needs to do to scale its value early, rapidly and securely. These assertions are drawn from the literature and experience.

As of this version (2.0) there are 321 assertions. All of these assertions are included in the Scale Assertions Inventory.

Topic modelling was used to discover the themes buried in the corpus. While it is not the intent of this document to introduce Topic Modelling, SERS researchers ran Topic Models of K=30, 40, 45 and 50, with 3-5 runs per Topic Model. (A K=40, for example, means that the Topic Model is looking for 40 Topics.) The researchers exhaustively analyzed the outputs of the Topic Models and applied their domain knowledge to help make sense of each uncovered topic.

As a result of the comprehensive analyses the following topics were found:

CATEGORY A: Cross border, Cyberattack, Data, Ecommerce, Governance, Investor, Resources, Sales, Secure offer, Scaling master plan and Stakeholder

CATEGORY B: Artificial intelligence and Intellectual property

CATEGORY C: Capital market, Early funding, Environment, Innovation, Platform and Resource Combination

Loosely speaking, the topics of Category A appear to be better formed than those of Category B and then those of Category C.

For the detailed model, please visit the Analytics page.


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