For each topic, the “Topic profiles” sheet identifies assertions denoted “core” and assertions denoted “elaborating”. Core assertions are those that had a loading equal to or greater than 0.50 at every run with K = 30, K =40, K =45, and K = 50. The core assertions were used to define what the topic is about. The “elaborating assertions” had a loading in some but not in all of the runs examined.


> 0.50A150Adopt scalable and agile organizational structures and processes to contract local and cross border freelance workers
A015Attain positions in cross border networks which provide access to privileged information
A206Build a financial infrastructure that supports cross border money transactions
A023Build operational cross border capabilities early
A084Coordinate, evaluate and share knowledge between headquarters, cross border units and among the units themselves
A179Set up internal processes to manage and arbitrage local and cross border workforces
A300To migrate the local, develop a replicable formula to repeat what worked in one local in many others identify dimensions describing a local and what locals can be easily migrated attract customers to invest in the development of localized offers and engage the right local people
A290Promote the company s achievements to date e.g., awards, high profile endorsements from established companies, sales, alliances, interactions with potential customers around prototypes strength of company s scaling mater plan and the company s potential to create local jobs, contribute to social goals and objectives, advance existing knowledge, and provide technological breakthroughs and patents
A052Enable locals to succeed because of new company
A065Improve links, interactions and shared purpose with locals in each region the company operates
A099Simultaneously develop global learning capabilities, cross border flexibility, and global competitiveness
A204Develop, validate and implement a model to cost effectively support cross border business
A056Enter a different geographical market by partnering with or purchasing local companies
> 0. 45A044Develop and implement a governance model to scale, raise capital, protect against cyberattacks, and leverages business communitiesA191Make a member of the top management team responsible for the execution of a plan to respond to large scale threats such as pandemics, economic crises and broad cyberattacks
A283Embed in networks with high concentrations of venture capital
A316To defend against automated cyberattack campaigns, apply automated detection, response and remediation
A137Provide investors with long term liquidity to enable distribution of funds to their capital providers
> 0.50A183Integrate, assemble, interpret and analyze data sources so as to scale and diversify company data
A186Centralize data for the use of all company functions
A188Sell in new domains where the company assets, capabilities and data can be easily moved to create value
A182Use data as the foundation for how the company operates and makes decisions
A093Scale out, i.e., i Spread workload across more, smaller organizations ii Use less expensive resources to accommodate variable workloads iii Host data across several organizations iv Increase input output alignment v Learn faster vi Take advantage of cheaper, smaller systems and vi Improve resilience
> 0. 45A236Apply ecommerce to provide customers with buying options that are quick, convenient, and user friendly
A209Deploy efficient ecommerce technologies and automation to reduce company costs and lower prices of offers
A046Develop and sell offers that are hard to replicate, original, fit successful commercialization patterns, and ride an external trend
A241Provide vendors and suppliers with the real time analytics on views and sales required to boost their sales and profits
A239Attract traffic and new customers by targeting and retargeting users from search engines, referrals, adds and social media
> 0. 45A168As the new company grows, increase the number of external individuals that serve on its board of directors and board of advisorsA104The top management team must commit to a scaling master plan strategy , a hierarchy and a flow of communications external and internal to the company structure , and a set of behaviors culture to achieve scaling objectives
A155Diversify company top management team, as well as the members of your board of directors and your board of advisors, in terms of their networks, experience raising funds and access to potential partnersA172Before seeking funding to scale value, ensure that the company founders are prepared to relinquish control of the CEO position and or the company board of directors to new talent that will accelerate value creation
A194Appoint independent directors to the board of directors
A201Define the duration of each director to serve on the board of directors and ensure the directors hold staggered terms of office
A197Evaluate the performance of the board of directors periodically
A202Prevent conflicts between the interests of the company and the members of the board of directors
A195To attract and retain talented directors, focus the board of directors on company strategy
> 0.50A135Align communication with investors on company risks, opportunities, and economics for successful fundraising roundsA153Assess desired company valuation relative to investor valuations of similar companies
A026Champion the opportunity with confidenceA167Turn to accelerators, crowdfunding, and friends and family for early stage investors
A081Offer investors higher returns, shorter time to payoffs and lower risks relative to other opportunities
A166Develop investor value propositions describing the path to value creation in return for investors funds and confidence
A074Maintain connections with large and varied investor networks
A136Increase investor participation by effectively managing regulatory uncertainty
A164Translate your message into values and priorities that the targeted investors can readily relate and understand
A132Conduct detailed due diligence when selecting investors
A192Act on the opportunities that exist in the midst of every crisis
A162Understand who your potential investors are, what they want to know, and what investment opportunities they look for before pursuing a binding agreement
A214Adapt company opportunities based on feedback from customers and investors
A173Select venture capital investors based on the fit between investor networks and experience and company need for specialization and industry knowledge
> 0.50A002Access resources required to scale at relatively low cost or for free by creating benefits for the resource owners that they cannot create aloneA005Align interests of investors, the company top management team, and its owners
A075Make decisions on how to best deploy a combination of external and internal resources to create high value, not just decisions about the use of the resources the company owns, while complying with cultural, legal, regulatory, and other relevant normsA022Build and deploy unique and difficult to imitate skills and capabilities to select, combine, and use the resource combinations that create and capture high company value
A305Build resource interfaces compliant with standards to enhance compatibility with complementary resourcesA055Enforce policies and procedures for resource combination, production and coordination, information search and gathering, bargaining, and accountability
A029Combine company resources with those of other resource owners to create value that cannot be created by your company alone
A027Combine resources that make your company distinct to resource owners and pay for themselves
A091Provide returns that leave the most important resource owners better off than they would have if they had not contributed to the company
A073Maintain close relationships with resource owners that advance the core technology underpinning the most important assets of the company
A308Ensure that company resources and external resources are compatible and scale synergistically
A028Combine two or more resources to create value that exceeds the sum of the value created from each resource separately
A144Incorporate how high value created from selection, combination and deployment resource decisions will be distributed to resource owners into the scaling master plan
A297Contribute to the creation of public goods such as open source code, standards and test beds
A110Validate selection, combination and deployment resource decisions for scaling are complementary
A024Build company wide capability to combine diverse resources and deploy them in a profitable way
A013Arrange and apply resources from different regions early, rapidly and securely
A012Arrange and deploy differently existing company resources
A086Orchestrate a community comprised of the owners of the resources required to scale
> 0.50A278To avoid sources of salespeople dissatisfaction with their jobs, clarify salesperson role and expectations eliminate conflicting role tasks incentivize salespeople sufficiently ensure strong leadership is in place train and support ensure role on team is a good fit to personality type and cultural imprint of person filling itA087Pay more attention to online sales than to physical brick and mortar store sales relative to competitors
A261To motivate your salespeople to perform at a high level, clarify roles and expectations for each team member make sure role and incentives don t conflict assign each salesperson objectives to grow and manage existing customer base set salesperson performance objectives based on measurable metrics under salesperson s control and compensate each salesperson with money and prizes for meeting agreed targets and objectives
A275Hire experienced salespeople who have personality characteristics that will win sales emotional intelligence, optimism, resilience, self drive, creativity, and humour
A263Observe and provide feedback on actions of salespeople to encourage improved performance
A276Train salespeople to increase capabilities in tactical skills, creativity, absorptive capacity, emotional intelligence, and application of applied theory
A259To lead the company s salespeople, embody the behaviours you wish others to adopt, motivate salespeople to perform at a high level, encourage the development of cultural norms which will enhance company performance
> 0.50A216Seek partners to accelerate scaling, expand company offers, and provide access to new revenue sourcesA003Adapt offers to each market
A038Continuously train individuals in cybersecurity to i Improve cybersecurity operations and ii Positively contribute to the company cybersecurity cultureA060Evolve channels from platforms, to directly sell and then use agents
A101To start a business, create an offer to solve a specific problem in a specific market segment, ensure that the offer fits the market, and validate that your business model is scalable and profitableA080Provide a variety of complementary offers to each market
A010Apply processes that make offers easier to understand, produce and deliverA096Sell online using a variety of online and offline promotional channels
A145Expand information about the company, its offers, its achievements, and its affiliationsA097Sell offers that the target market perceives better than available alternatives
A271Instill a sense of purpose by pursuing a compelling vision for the company in the futureA108Use scientific and technological advances to develop innovative offers
A314To heighten cybersecurity, apply zero trust frameworksA147Broaden company offers
A032Concurrently sell existing company offers, a compelling image of the company that will exist in the future, and the benefits of the unique information you collectA218Introduce new offers often, monitor changes in sales closely, and remove offers that do not sell quickly
A009Apply processes that continuously improve the cybersecurity of the company as well as its offers, channels, and resourcesA219Configure online and offline channels as complementing assets
A102Strengthen cybersecurity attributes of offers compared to competitorsA296Use cultural tools and identity claims such as images, symbols, and language to strengthen company s image
A301To disseminate the global, increase communications with global agents, and learn from global agents how to improve the global offer
A310Ensure offers are scalable and meet rigorous reliability metrics
A034Continuously improve individuals, operations and infrastructures to advance and deliver a portfolio of innovative offers
A112Work with partners that are well connected and respected in the networks of importance to the success of the company
A244Constantly increase average order value through discounted bundles, enable upsell on check out, set a free delivery threshold, offer cash backs, enhance personalized recommendations, and create loyalty programs based on spending tiers
A311Provide platforms that are client centric and highly customizable
A317Operate a platform that is simple to use, attracts a very large market, and enables the company to control the quality of the offers traded on the platform
A319Use platforms and software that can cost effectively enable your company to scale early and rapidly without losing control of your operations, marketing, and development programs
A321Enable partners to leverage your company s platform to make money
A016Attain stakeholder trust by improving cybersecurity of the company and its partners
A320Use data obtained from third party platforms to adjust your company s offers
> 0.50A011Appoint a talented person as chief scale officer to champion the scaling master plan
A268Adopt technology that allows you to identify, assimilate, transform, and manage external knowledge that directly aligns with scaling master plan outcomes
A148Hire scale experienced talented people to build capabilities to design and implement the scaling master plan
A063Hire scale experienced talented people to implement the scaling master plan
A092Relentlessly advance the scaling master plan even if employees and processes get in the way
A077Prioritize the preparation and implementation of the scaling master plan
A089Prepare a scaling master plan in the initial stages of the company lifecycle
A047Develop capabilities to cost effectively attain scaling master plan objectives
A062Hire talented people who have diverse thinking preferences
A069Lead a team that is innovative, talented, diverse, focused, committed, and fully understands what their responsibilities are and where they fit in with scaling master plan
A078Manage cross border units as operations that are interdependent in terms of information, investment and efficiencies and guided by the scaling master plan
A072Leverage resources from scale experienced talented people and gain their commitment to the company s scaling master plan
A067Incorporate investment in cybersecurity into the scaling master plan
> 0.50A286Establish partnerships that increase the demand for products that complement the company s productA045Develop and sell products and services that address a problem, job to be done or a need that is widespread, growing, important, urgent, and manifests itself in diverse ways
A138Implement a stakeholder centric approach to satisfy stakeholder expectations in all marketsA307Simplify the complementarity of the company products and services
A154Select stakeholders with many connections to potential partnerships, and experience across industries, technology, and scaling company value early
A030Communicate and demonstrate the importance the company places on the security of information acquired from and transferred between stakeholders
A124Continuously create new markets and serve broader stakeholder needs
A306Focus on company differentiators and build upon complementary products that satisfy company needs and are not part of the company competencies
A225Protect trade secrets by ensuring all company stakeholders are aware that it is forbidden to disclose or misuse company trade secrets
A178Enable freelance workers to become world class service providers
A238Provide customers an online catalog with detailed descriptions of offered products and services that helps them make purchasing decisions
A245Increase order fulfillment and delivery capacity through partnering with third party service providers and acquiring drop shipping facilities
A008Apply digital technology to brand, market, sell, and service customers more cost effectively than competitors
A057Expand brand coverage and eliminate intermediaries
A220Build a community around company brand, products and services, assemble community feedback and adapt
A281Brand the company and build the brand into one that has a strong market presence
> 0.50A122Develop value propositions for key members of the value chain that align with key members value propositions as well as improve the competence of the value chainA085Optimize the value chain to reduce inventory costs to zero
A240Engage customers to produce testimonials, reviews and ratings that help new customers to make purchasing decisions with knowledge of other customers experiencesA103Strengthen your company bargaining position among the members of the value chain upon which the company depends to scale
A213Adapt value propositions to changes in customer segmentsA176Unbundle the value chain and the jobs to be done within it to outsource lower value tasks to freelance workers and perform higher value tasks internally
A106Use an end to end solution that links procurement directly with end customers to eliminate or reduce inventory and the number of intermediaries between the company and customers
A141Collaborate with the company value chain to determine optimal offers that achieve customer fulfillment and enhance customer value
A277Train salespeople to absorb actionable market information, understand customers and competitors business models craft irresistible value propositions communicate customer value identify high value customers increase situational awareness use supportive technology learn from personal and team successes and failures and adapt to dynamic selling situations think on your feet
A260To embody behaviours you wish others to adopt, dedicate a portion of each day to grow customer base and actively search for new opportunities, focus efforts and conversations on how the company is going to create and deliver value to new and existing customers, craft irresistible customer value propositions that you and your salespeople can use to attract new customers, and set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely objectives SMART that align company, customer, investor and partner interests and skills
A042Constantly monitor customers buying habits and deliver offers that are convenient, cater to customer demands, are secure and offer excellent customer experience
A257Customize ideal next steps to coordinate activities between new company and customer
A280Digitize as much of your company as you can to create value for customers, reduce costs, and increase security
A118Develop value propositions for employees that enhance employee satisfaction, psychological attachment, and behavioral commitment toward your company
A284Deliver better performance on the metrics that customers care about
A041Define the ideal target customers profiles and engage them relentlessly
A036Continuously improve value propositions based on results and feedback
A246Establish trust and positive rapport with your customers that leads to long term, mutually beneficial business relationships
A025Build internet based capabilities to acquire and retain customers during the initial stages of company lifecycle
A127Learn from value propositions of companies that have scaled early, rapidly and securely and use them to differentiate your company
A274Attract great people with high customer and high growth orientation
A249Always think from your customers perspective organizationally and personally
A256Listen to your customers, take their feedback seriously, and adjust operations as needed
A253Adjust your mood to match your customers moods and work to find common ground to build familiarity
A131Track changes in stakeholders value propositions and use the information to realign the value propositions
Category B
> 0.50A304Apply big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate predictive analytics and enhance automationA312Apply big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence to infer cyberattack campaigns from cyberattack components
A303Enhance cybersecurity automation by using big data, machine learning and artificial intelligenceA177Leverage automation artificial intelligence and large pool of freelance workers to increase productivity
A180Build company value using an artificial intelligence powered decision making factory
A223Acquire, monitor and exploit intellectual property rights
A230To claim ownership of unregistered intellectual property rights, prove the rights exist and belong to the company
A231Trace ownership of company intellectual property
A224Consider selling or licensing the companys intellectual property
A227Internationalize your intellectual property
A228Actively manage and review company intellectual property
Category C