Three Topics Discovered

Three Topics Discovered

Three Topics Discovered When Examining Information Scraped From Websites Of Six Cybersecurity Companies That Have Scaled Early And Rapidly

Today, Daniel Craigen (Founding President of Global EPIC and Visiting Scholar, Carleton University) and Professors Tony Bailetti and Stoyan Tanev (Carleton University) announced that three topics were observed to occur in a collection of data copied from webpages maintained by six cybersecurity companies:

  • Auth0 (
  • Cybereason(
  • illumio (
  • KnowBe4 (
  • Netskope (
  • Shape Security (

Presently, the value of each of these six companies is over $1 billion and they were founded after January 1, 2010. KnowBe4 was founded in 2010, Shape Security in 2011, Cybereason and Netskope in 2012, and Auth0 and illumio in 2013.

The three topics discovered to occur in the collection of specific data gathered and copied from the websites include:

  • Secure data and applications in cloud environments and data centres
  • Training programs to prevent and respond to attacks
  • Attack exemplars

Four graduate students registered in Carleton University’s Technology Innovation Management program ( collected the information and developed the topic model. They are: Vishwaa Bhavsar, Sarvagya Nigam, Anthony Oluremi, and Rahul Yadav.

For additional information, please contact Mr. Daniel Craigen (
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